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Preklady Echo


In spoken language our teams offers consecutive interpreting to and from Slovak in combination with the following languages:


Consecutive interpreting
In our understanding consecutive interpreting does not mean interpreting sentence after sentence. It is not suitable for the interpreter to interrupt the speaker only because he/she cannot manage longer passages since he/she cannot remember them. A top-class interpreter must have good memory and concentration skills. In consecutive interpreting there is no need for interpreting equipment . This type of interpreting is used especially during business meetings, trainings, for accompanying and driving trips.

Simultaneous interpreting
During simultaneous interpreting the interpreter is talking fluently and simultaneously with the speaker using interpreting equipment. It is used at international conferences, seminars, in live broadcasting, etc.
Preparation For and Active Participation In Business Meetings
In case you are about to close a successful deal, ask Preklady Echo for assistance. We will be pleased to become your right hand interpreter. In order to be well prepared and to be ready to react effectively during a business meeting, it is necessary to take some important steps in advance. We need to talk with you about the strategy and objectives to be attained. Our intepreter becomes a part of your business team and acts as one of you. For such cases a preparation meeting with the client beforehand is crucial in order for our interpreter to sufficiently understand the topic of the upcoming business meeting and what the deal is actually about. Our interpreter wil also take care of translating all the important documents before the meeting and after the meeting is finished.

Understanding and Positive Impression
Extensive experience and master skills of the people on our team and their ability to present themselves and facilitate spoken language communication are the guarantee of the highest quality of our interpreting services. We believe that outer visage and clothes are an important part of the whole presentation and impression the person makes. Other important aspects are language accuracy, tone of one’s voice, body language and face-play. When everything is right, together they add up to a positive feeling about the facilitated spoken language eye to eye communication.

Duration and Distance with Interpreting in Person
The ability to quickly react to our clients’ needs is our privilege. In case of interpreting it is normal to set a fixed date and time 3 days in advance (for English 1 day is enough). If you need one of our interpreters for more than 1 day or if interpreting takes place farther than 300 km behind the borders the Bratislava, it is necessary to agree on a fixed date and time 1 week in advance. Everything depends on individual arrangement with our client. With our company this is always attainable.

Telephone Interpreting
Telephone interpreting represents a simple and flexible way of communicating with your foreign partner. Our interpreter will be at your disposal either through a conference call or sitting right next to you in your office if necessary.

Video Conference and Webcast Interpreting
Whether you use a PC network or another way of transfering video and audio for a long distance, this form of communication is very close to a live business meeting. It has a number of advantages including flexibility and time saving since the business partners do not have to meet face to face except on the screen. Our interpreter will again be available as an active part of your business team.

Live Chat Interpeting
We also offer live chat conversation interpreting with our interpreter acting as a middle-man between you and your chat partner using either MSN Messenger, ICQ, Skype or other software.