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Preklady Echo


Preklady Echo will do its best to meet the time needs of its clients. Express translation is something that we are good at and it is because of the way we work. After submitting an on-line order and phone agreement with a client we are able to deliver a shorter document (up to 5 standard pages – 1 standard page equals 1,800 characters including spaces) translated within a couple of hours. Physical limitations of one translator are approximately 10 standard pages per day. If an order is submitted in the morning (maximum 10 standard pages) the next day in the morning you will have the document on your table. For this service a standard rate for a corresponding language will be counted. Especially in case of English (or also with other languages if we agree in advance) we can be even faster and divide the work among several translators. For this express translation we will charge additional 30% above a standard rare (look in rates).

For Preklady Echo express translation means preserving the highest quality standard. We only take on such commitments that we can fulfil 100%. Everything depends on agreement with a client and correct assumption of one’s abilities. An important condition in express translation is client’s satisfaction and at the same time our satisfaction with the work that we have done. To be satisfied with his/her work is a creed for every translator in Preklady Echo. People that we work with have reached their professional level with years of hard work with language. Flexibility and effort to meet the client’s needs are our highest priorities. Therefore if you seek express translation, turn to Preklady Echo.