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FAQ – Translations
How do I submit an order and get a preliminary price calculation?
An order is to be submitted using the order form (look into order) based on which we give you a preliminary price calculation. We stick to the standard rates (look into rates), when a price of translation in the first place depends on the language from or into which a document is translated and the number of standard pages of the document (1 standard page = 1,800 characters including spaces according to Word statistics). A rate for 1 standard page is lower in case of long-term customers or in case of a more extensive translation (more than 30 standard pages). On the other a rate increases in case of express translation. Higher rates for our services will be agreed individually with each client to his/her general satisfaction and in accordance with physical limitations of our translators.

What is considered to be regular speed for translation?

Physical limitations of a translator are about 10 standard pages translated in one day. Thanks to system of work of Preklady ECHO – the possibility of online order and submittal of a document/documents and delivery of the translated document/documents to a client by e-mail – translating 10 standard pages in one day is considered to be a standard service. In case you need to translate more than 10 standard pages within 24 hours, we will divide the work among several translators and charge an individual rate for express translation (max. 30% above a standard rate for a corresponding language).
How and in what form can a document/documents be delivered to us?
A document/documents can come either in electronic form or as hard copies and they can be delivered by e-mail, regular mail, courier service, or in person. Our agency delivers documents to its clients in electronic form and in the format that they require (.doc, .xls, .pdf and other).

FAQ – Interpreting
What kind of interpreting do we offer?
Our agency offers consecutive interpreting for smaller and also bigger groups of participants. In our understanding consecutive interpreting does not mean interpreting sentence after sentence. It is not suitable for the interpreter to interrupt the speaker only because he/she cannot manage longer passages since he/she cannot remember them. A top-class interpreter must have good memory and concentration skills. In order to attain fluent communication he/she should be able to interpret a number of sentences in a row.

What forms does intepreting take?
Interpreting can take place either with an interpreter being present in person or from a distance through phone, vide conference or chat (ICQ, Skype, MSN Messenger, etc.). Especially in the first case, when an interpreter needs to be present in person, for example taking part in a business meeting, it is necessary to arrange and agree on date, time and place as far in advance as possible. In case of interpreting in person the minimum time to set a date is 3 days in advance (for English 1 day is enough). If you need our interpreter for more than 1 day or if interpreting takes place more than 300 km from Bratislava, it is crucial to agree and make arrangements 1 week in advance. However everything depends on individual agreement with a client.