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Preklady Echo


Preklady ECHO – Translation and Interpreting
The professional team of Preklady Echo, comprised of translators with many years of experience, opens a window to many languages and fosters clear and effective communication between you and your foreign partners. When you entrust your work to us, you can expect quick and painstakingly accurate translation along with unparalleled service.

We offer professional translation services to and from Slovak in combination with the following languages:


Translated documents are carefully proofread before they are returned to you, a service that is included in the initial price of the work. All translations are delivered to our client in complete and polished versions. Each member of our experienced team has an intimate feel for the language with which he or she works as well as a sophisticated and nuanced apprehension of the Slovak language. Our translators, who now live in Slovakia, either grew up in an environment speaking the particular foreign language that is their focus or have lived for a number of years in such an environment, often while studying at a university . As a result of their facility, the translations we provide of our clients’ documents or presentations are at the highest level.

Our translators also have a great deal of experience translating documents in various disciplines. Whether legal and business documents, papers or reports in the field of mathematics or other technical areas, including the natural sciences, we are equipped to provide first rate translation services. No matter the area of interest, we have a translator who is expert in the language of the particular field.

A translator must not only be accurate, but fast as well. Our language masters can expertly translate 10 standard pages per day of a document that is standard in terms of complexity (1 standard page = 1,800 characters including spaces). This high level of work and quick pace is an example of our regular service. In urgent cases, we assign a job to several translators who work simultaneously to accomodate a client’s deadline (a higher rate, agreed upon in advance, applies for express translation).

The preliminary price calculation of our translations is based on the number of standard pages contained in a document (or documents) multiplied by the rate for 1 standard page. The final fee is adjusted for each project according to two factors: the deadline by which a document (or documents) must be delivered and whether or not we have a long-term relationship with the client. our long-term business partners receive an individual discount on our standard rate. The format of the translated document (or documents) will be preserved or altered with regards to the original according to clients’ needs.