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Preklady Echo

About Preklady Echo

Our translation and interpreting agency was established as a partnership of people with many years of experience in the field for which working with language is the number one job. Preklady Echo language team is here to serve you as a language communication gateway to attain your objectives. Our agency works on-line primarily, orders are usually submitted in electronic form (look into order). This way the whole process starting with submittal of an order and ending with delivery of a translated document becomes much faster and more efficient. In case a client wishes to meet us personally, it will be our pleasure.

The work results of our translators will leave you with nothing to worry about, without the need for persuasion by billboard ads. As a result cooperation with our agency lowers your company costs while at the least maintaining the same standard of quality compared to the big agencies with high expenditures. At the same time translators and interpreters of Preklady ECHO get a fair reward for their work; thererefore, they are also well motivated to give their best for you.

Our Company Philosophy is:

to creat an efficient communication gateway that will facilitate an easy understanding of all parties.

Our Company Principles:

1. the highest quality of services – based on skills and motivation
2. promptness – based on our efficient system of work
3. confidentiality and data protection – is an ever emphasised matter of course

The highest quality and reliability of the people on our team is already known to many and they repeatedly come back to us.


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